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Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow

loaders are excellent. the Joystick makes operation much easier. thank Anny for the free toolbox and air filter.

—— Mohammad

I am very satisfied with this loader .it’s very good. I will keep going this project and hope other order loader as good as this one.Great work my friend.


Bilon service team, high working efficiency, quick response, competitive price, good quality, let us win more and more clients. thanks very much.

—— Paresh Ataliwala

Knowing about Bilon two years ago, built a good relationship, Bilon take more and more profits to me, highly appreciated!

—— Ing. Aldo Molinari

very good quality dump truck, good performance. A nice purchase, believe in that we will have chance to work again.

—— Ahmed Sinan

Janva, a nice man, professional and reliable, I like him, do business with him, you can save much time and money, good partner , cheers!

—— Cameron Mcleod

very nice wheel loader, distribute here many units, still no quality feedback, I think I will order more in 2020. Cheers!

—— Mukunda Rai Tiwari

Bilon construction products helps me in my business,i plan to buy more,i also want to sell your products to other customers.

—— Mr Leo

Bilon wheel loader, very good quality, price is very competitive, will do long term business.

—— Damir Tiganj

We have cooperating for 7 years, Good quality machine and good service, Thank you!

—— Sauli Kataja

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Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow

Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow
Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow

Large Image :  Smooth Handling 42KW Wheel Loader with Dry type Axle Fork Attachment 30-100L/Min Oil Flow

Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Bilon
Model Number: 923
Detailed Product Description
Drive Axle: Dry-type Axle Oil Flow: 30-100L/Min
Power: 42KW Operatingmass: 10300
Total Width: 3000mm Running Hour Meter: Option
Attachments: Fork,Snow Bucket,Kinds,trencher Dimension: 8200*3000*3480
High Light:

Dry Axle Wheel Loader


42KW Wheel Loader


Fork Attachment Wheel Loader

Product Description:

The Wheel Loader Machine is an indispensable piece of heavy machinery in the construction, agriculture, and mining industries. Known also as a front end loader or bucket loader, this machine is designed for efficiency and productivity, making it a vital asset to any operation. This particular model, a robust big loader, is engineered to meet the demands of rigorous work environments, ensuring that it can handle a variety of tasks with ease and precision.

One of the most critical attributes of this Wheel Loader Machine is its substantial operating mass of 10,300kg. This significant weight contributes to the machine's stability and capacity to undertake heavy-duty tasks without compromise. Operators can rely on its solid construction and balanced distribution of weight to ensure consistent performance during lifting, moving, and loading materials.

The wheelbase of the loader is another key feature, measuring 2210mm. This provides a stable foundation for all operations, allowing the loader to maneuver with confidence across uneven terrain and tight spaces. Whether navigating a construction site or traversing through a mine, the wheelbase ensures that the loader maintains optimal balance and traction.

Despite its heavy operating mass, the Chinese wheel loader maintains a relatively light deadweight of 2000kg, which enhances its efficiency. This lighter deadweight means that the loader can operate with less strain on its components, resulting in lower fuel consumption and reduced wear and tear. This not only ensures the longevity of the machine but also contributes to lower operating costs over time.

Power is at the heart of any front end loader, and this machine is equipped with an engine that delivers a robust 42KW. This significant power output allows the loader to tackle the most demanding jobs without hesitation. Whether lifting heavy loads or breaking through hard materials, the engine provides the necessary force to get the job done quickly and effectively.

The rated speed of the engine stands at 2300 revolutions per minute (r/min), which is indicative of the machine's ability to operate at high efficiency. This speed ensures that hydraulic functions are responsive and smooth, which is essential for precision tasks such as material handling or grading. The high rated speed also means that cycle times are reduced, leading to increased productivity on the job site.

Overall, the Wheel Loader Machine is a powerhouse of functionality and reliability. Its combination of a strong operating mass, stable wheelbase, efficient deadweight, powerful engine, and high rated speed make it a top choice for those in need of a big loader. Whether in the realms of construction, mining, or agriculture, this Chinese wheel loader is built to tackle the toughest jobs with ease, delivering performance that owners and operators can count on day in and day out.



  • Product Name: Wheel Loader Machine
  • Rated Speed: 2300r/min
  • Unloading Distance: 700mm
  • Operating Mass: 10300kg
  • Wheelbase: 2210mm
  • Dimension: 8200*3000*3480mm
  • Keyword: Big Loader
  • Keyword: Chinese Wheel Loader
  • Keyword: Compact Wheel Loader

Technical Parameters:

Parameter Specification
Power 42KW
Attachments Fork, Snow Bucket, Kinds, Trencher
Total Width 3000mm
Operating Mass 10300
Unloading Distance 700mm
Rated Bucket Capacity 1.7m 3
Oil Flow 30-100L/Min
Diesel Engine WD10G220E23
Wheelbase 2210mm
Dimension 8200*3000*3480


The Bilon brand stands out in the construction and material handling industries as a provider of high-quality loaders, and their Model 923 is no exception. Designed with robustness and efficiency in mind, this big loader hails from China and boasts dimensions of 8200*3000*3480, making it a substantial piece of machinery capable of handling a variety of tasks. The Bilon 923 is a versatile wheel loader that can be applied in numerous scenarios and occasions where heavy materials need to be moved or managed.

Construction sites are one of the primary applications for the Bilon 923 wheel loader. With its rated bucket capacity of 1.7m3, it can move large amounts of earth, debris, or raw materials quickly and easily, speeding up the construction process. Its unloading distance of 700mm allows for precision in dumping, which is essential in crowded job sites or when working alongside other equipment.

The Bilon 923 also finds its use in the mining industry, where high quality loaders are required to stand up to the harsh environments and demanding workloads. Its dry-type axle ensures durability and longevity, even when operating under heavy loads on rough terrain. The optional running hour meter helps in tracking usage for maintenance scheduling, which is crucial for machines that are run for extended periods.

Landscaping and agricultural operations also benefit from the capabilities of the Bilon 923 big loader. Whether it's for moving soil, clearing out spaces, or transporting harvests, this wheel loader’s power and capacity make it an invaluable asset. The 923 model can navigate around farms and fields with ease, contributing to more efficient land management and farming practices.

Additionally, the Bilon 923 is suitable for use in waste management facilities. Its ability to handle heavy and bulky waste materials makes it a key player in keeping these facilities running smoothly. The wheel loader can be used to sort, move, and load waste into processing machines or transport vehicles, ensuring a clean and organized environment.

In snow-heavy areas, the Bilon 923 can be adapted to clear snow from roads and pathways, ensuring safe and accessible routes during winter seasons. The sturdy build and reliability of the machine guarantee that it can operate in cold and challenging conditions without compromise to its performance.

In summary, the Bilon 923 wheel loader is a multi-purpose, high quality loader that is well-suited for a wide range of applications. From construction and mining to agriculture and waste management, this big loader is built to deliver outstanding performance and reliability, living up to the demands of various industries that rely on heavy machinery.



Brand Name: Bilon

Model Number: 923

Place of Origin: China

Wheelbase: 2210mm

Total Width: 3000mm

Diesel Engine: WD10G220E23

Drive Axle: Dry-type Axle

Attachments: Fork, Snow Bucket, Kinds, Trencher

As a leading Wheel Loader Manufacturer , Bilon offers the powerful 923 model, a 2.5T wheel loader that excels in performance and reliability. Imported directly from China , this loader features a robust 2210mm wheelbase and a 3000mm total width , making it a versatile powerhouse for a variety of tasks. Equipped with a high-efficiency WD10G220E23 diesel engine and a durable dry-type axle , it ensures smooth operation under challenging conditions. The 923 comes with a range of attachments including a fork, snow bucket, and trencher, catering to diverse job requirements. Discover our premium Wheel Loaders For Sale and elevate your construction capabilities.


Support and Services:

Our Wheel Loader Machine is designed to deliver high performance and reliability. To ensure that you can make the most of your investment, we offer a comprehensive range of technical support and services. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing you with the assistance you need, whenever you need it.

Product Technical Support:

1. Troubleshooting Assistance: Our technical support team is available to help you diagnose and resolve any issues you may be experiencing with your Wheel Loader Machine.

2. Maintenance Guidance: We provide detailed maintenance instructions and schedules to help you keep your machine in top condition.

3. Spare Parts Identification: Our experts can help you identify the correct spare parts for your machine, ensuring a perfect fit and optimal performance.

4. Software Updates: Stay up-to-date with the latest software enhancements for improved functionality and efficiency.

5. Operational Training: We offer training sessions to help your operators understand the best practices for operating the Wheel Loader Machine safely and effectively.


1. Warranty Services: Our Wheel Loader Machine comes with a comprehensive warranty, covering any manufacturing defects and giving you peace of mind.

2. On-Site Support: For critical issues, we can provide on-site support to address your needs directly at your location.

3. Preventative Maintenance Programs: Enroll in our preventative maintenance program to prevent downtime and extend the life of your machine.

4. Equipment Health Checks: Regular health checks by our experts can help detect any potential problems before they lead to significant downtime or costly repairs.

5. Customer Service Portal: Access our online portal for easy management of your service requests, access to documentation, and tracking the status of your support cases.

We are committed to ensuring that your Wheel Loader Machine operates at its best, with minimal downtime and maximum productivity. For any further assistance, please reach out to our customer support team (contact details excluded).


Packing and Shipping:

The Wheel Loader Machine is meticulously packaged to ensure its safety and integrity during transport. The main body of the machine is encased in a robust, specially designed crate that is resistant to impacts and environmental factors. The crate's interior is fortified with secure bracing and cushioning materials to prevent any movement that could cause damage. All smaller components and accessories are individually wrapped and securely placed within the crate, with clear labeling to assist with inventory and unpacking.

Prior to shipping, the packaged Wheel Loader Machine undergoes a thorough inspection to guarantee that it meets all quality and safety standards. The crate is then sealed and fitted with tamper-evident seals, providing an additional layer of security. Accompanying the machine is a detailed packing list that includes a checklist of all parts and a guide for safe unloading and assembly.

Our shipping process is designed to deliver the Wheel Loader Machine to its destination in a timely and efficient manner. We partner with reputable logistics providers who specialize in the transportation of heavy machinery. The machine is loaded onto the delivery vehicle using a professional-grade crane, and it is securely fastened to prevent any movement during transit. Real-time tracking information is provided, allowing the recipient to monitor the shipment's progress and prepare for its arrival.

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